The Woodka Remodel: Week Twenty

At the twenty week point, the majority of the Woodka home's renovation work has been completed. On the inside, the new layout is complete; all that's left to finish is the painting, some trimwork, and other small projects. That work continues in week twenty, in anticipation of Christmas, which is rapidly approaching. The family plans to gather as a group to enjoy the holidays in their "new" home.

A Green Home for the Holidays

Prior to this renovation, the Woodka home's interior was small and cramped when the entire extended family gathered. As the Woodka was a second summer home for its owners, this really wasn't a problem. However, now that they are retired and located in Michigan year-round, they needed extra space for their childrens' families. This need for additional space was the original reason for the entire renovation. Only once planning had begun was the decision made to give the entire structure a 'green' overhaul. The end result is everything the owners could have hoped for: ample space for the entire family, with the very special extra benefit of drastically reduced energy costs for the home.

The work team has worked tirelessly over long days in punishing heat and brutal cold to complete this renovation to the point that the family could occupy the home over the holiday season. With the work being completed this week, they have successfully accomplished their goal.

All of the major work is done; the expansions to the front and rear of the house, the new room layouts , the gorgeous and efficient new kitchen, windows, appliances..... all are in place.

Exterior Work Ongoing

The installation of the brand new fiber cement siding that has been ongoing over the last two weeks is continuing in week twenty. It's a large house with lots of new siding going up, so it takes time. Plus, with temperatures falling, the workers are having to work in much colder weather, which tends to slow things down a bit.

As more of the new James Hardie fiber cement siding goes up on the house, the more the home's appearance changes.

As the photo to the right shows, the blue color of the new siding is a marked change from the old wood siding, which had an orange color that was popular at the time it was installed decades ago. The new fiber cement siding, and its beautiful new color, brings the home right up to the present in both style and environmental sustainability.

The installation of the Tigerwood hardwood decking is also continuing into week twenty. The new decking is going to give the owners lots of outdoor space, but doesn't affect the views of the lake from inside . The old deck was much larger, but obscured the windows on the home's lower level. In addition to blocking the lake view, this also reduced natural light in the lower level, giving it a slightly dark and dank feeling. The new decking, along with the new windows and door on the lower level, open things up quite a bit and brighten the entire lower level, making it a much more welcoming space.

To avoid deforestation or other unsustainable forestry issues, Tigerwood is sourced responsibly froma carefully managed forest; it is considered a true renewable product. It is similar to teak, another exotic hardwood, but has a much lower cost.

Indoors: Handrails

Two of the more distinguishing features of the renovated interior are the striking new staircase from the main level to the upstairs, and the new upstairs balcony overlooking the main level. In week twenty, work is starting on the installation of the custom-made handrails for both the staircase and the balcony.

There's also quite a bit of painting happening in week twenty; virtually every surface is being repainted, making the job a big one. Interior base painting and trimwork is ongoing (with low VOC paints for healthier indoor air).

At this point in the renovation project, the owners are beginning to feel like they've got their home back. They're spending more and more time at the house in preparation for moving back in full-time. They're also busy with work: painting, cleaning, putting the kitchen back together..... busy, but happy with their 'new' home.

Week Twenty Round Up

So much work has been done up to this point to transform the Woodka home from a part-time summer home into a full-time residence ; within just a few weeks, the owners will be officially moved back in and ready to enjoy a special Christmas with their family. The Woodka renovation is going to turn out to be a very nice Christmas gift for everyone!

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