The Woodka Remodel: Week Twenty-One

Christmas has come and gone, and the owners of the "new" Woodka Home enjoyed the holiday with the entire family in their newly renovated space. There's still quite a bit of work to do, and even more putting things back together, but enough work is finished for the family to live in the home.

Railing Completion

One of the major interior projects that had to be completed in order for the house to be ready for living, and for guests, was the completion of the stairways' handrail installation. Without them, the new stairs just wouldn't be safe enough for the little kids that will soon be running around the house.

Luckily, that handrail installation work was completed just in time, and add the safety needed to allow the family to relax and enjoy the holidays. The fact that they are beautiful is a bonus.

The newly renovated home was given a 'test run' with a house full of guests, and passed with flying colors.

The main reason for the homes' renovation was to give the family ample room for large gatherings. Mission accomplished! From the new kitchen area with large appliances, cooking areas, and a gorgeous new island for food preparation and casual eating, to the new dining area large enough to seat 16, to the relaxing living spaces upstairs and down, the home performed exactly as planned.

With all of the people and activities in the renovated home, the owners are anxious to start seeing their energy bills in order to see just how much how little)energy the house is using. This is the second reason for the reenovation: large-scale energy use reductions. Hopefully, the owners will not be disappointed.

Exterior Work: Siding and Decking

Outside, the workers are still in the process of finishing the homes' new fiber cement siding and decking . Both projects are in their final stages, and the home is really starting to look as it will when everything is completed.

The owners are extremely happy with the exterior colors and materials they've chosen. Both the siding and the decking were chosen for their durability and sustainability, and both should last for many years. The change in color of the homes' exterior has transformed not only the house itself, but the views from the street and lake, and the appearance of the entire area. The 'new' Woodka house will truly stand out amongst its neighbors as a testament to its owners commitment to green design.

Work is slowly winding down; soon it will just be the homeowners putting things back together, rearranging furniture, touching up paint, and other smaller tasks. They are thrilled with how everything has gone, and are looking forward to settling in to their 'new' home. They are also anxiously awaiting warmer weather so they can truly start enjoying everything this renovated home has to offer.

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