The Woodka Remodel: Week Twelve

Week Twelve sees several projects continuing at the Woodka House. Since the window installation was completed last week, the interior is now completely enclosed, allowing the team to begin the interior work in earnest. Up top, the roof is getting brand new insulation and shingles this week. The basement is also getting some beneficial insulation this week; from top to bottom, it's another busy week.




With all of the work on the new tower and expansions in the front and back of the home finished, it's time to put the new roof on. First, the old shingles are torn off and sent to the recycler, where they will be given new life as a new road surface, or possibly even new shingles.

The entire surface of the roof is going to be covered with brand new asphalt shingles; the homeowners have chosen Landmark TL shingles from Certainteed. There are many different roofing options for green homes, from clay tiles to metal to an actual living green roof. Traditional asphalt shingles may not be the first choice for a green roof, so why was it chosen for the Woodka renovation? There are several reasons:

Before the new shingles are installed, the tower and expansion areas are filled with high-efficiency blown-in cellulose insulation. This type of insulation is easy to install in harder to reach areas like ceilings, and will contribute to the homes' overall low energy usage.

In addition to being a superior insulating product, cellulose insulation is made almost completely from recycled paper material, making it an all-around amazing green material.



Interior Work

Work is really picking up inside the home now that it is entirely enclosed. This week sees the beginning of framing for the new layouts upstairs and down.

Being that this is a complete green home makeover, the team is doing everything possible to reduce waste. One creative way they're doing this is by reusing some of the homes' old fiberglass batt insulation that was removed during demolition. Some of this insulation was damaged by moisture and mold growth and had to be discarded, but much of it was still in good shape. This insulation is now going to be used inside the new interior walls and floor cavities to provide outstanding sound insulation between rooms, as well as give the home a more 'solid' feel.

Once the framing is done and old/new insulation is in place, the dry-wallers move in to do their work. Very quickly, the Woodka interior starts to take on a whole new look.








Basement Insulation

The concrete foundation walls of the Woodka basement are not immune from the green makeover. When insulation is installed in a new or remodeled home, the basement walls are often completely overlooked. That's a huge mistake; uninsulated foundation walls can account for 25% of a homes' energy loss, even in an otherwise well-insulated home. The R-value of an 8-inch thick concrete foundation wall is a paltry 1.4. Enclosing the concrete foundation within the home's thermal envelope by adding insulation will greatly reduce a home's energy costs, and will also add beneficial moistureproofing.

And foundation insulation is exactly what the Woodka home is getting in week twelve. All of the concrete foundational walls are receiving a layer of insulating, protective spray foam insulation. This type of insulation is perfect for foundation wall applications. The new Woodka basement space will be a dry, comfortable space to spend time in.

Week Twelve Wrap-Up

New shingles, new walls, new insulation: the Woodka transformation is kicking into high gear in week twelve! The amount of labor necessary to complete this major project is apparent this week, as teams work away in every area of the home. in addition to the work mentioned above, the build team also adds a small storage area to the rear of the home utilizing some of the leftover PorterSIPs that were used for the homes' additions. The work is nowhere to being done, and you can follow the progress into week thirteen....HERE.

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