The Woodka Remodel: Week Thirteen

Week Thirteen of our Woodka complete green home renovation turns out to be lucky week 13 for the construction team as the notoriously finicky Michigan fall weather turns beautiful. The autumn colors are reaching their peak, and temperatures are getting up into the 70s. The image above is a view from the Woodkas' dock looking over the lake and the lovely fall foliage. Work on the Woodka house continues at a steady pace this week with the continuation of several ongoing projects.


Up on the roof, the new Certainteed shingle installation that started last week is continuing into week 13. The nice weather is helping things go smoothly; being on the roof in Michigan at this time of the year is not always enjoyable. The plan is to have the roofing completed by the end of the week.

Once installed, the Landmark TL series shingles will provide not only a beautiful appearance, but will protect the roof for decades to come. The Woodka house will be experiencing all four seasons (sometimes in a single day!) and all of the heat, rain, snow, ice, and high winds that come with the ever-changing weather. A durable roofing material is crucial to prevent leakage into the homes interior, and the Landmark TL shingles should have no problem doing just that.

While the new roofing installation races to the finish line, work also continues on the new decking and deck roofing on the front and rear of the house. In front, it gives the home a brand new covered front porch, a sheltered and welcoming entrance as well as a place to sit and relax. Likewise, the new decking across the back of the home, also covered, will provide much-needed outdoor space for the extended family to relax and spend time together, enjoying the lake views while at the same time being protected from the heat and rays of the mid- to late-afternoon sun. The family has future plans to add a swimming pool in the backyard, and the new decking will also provide a gateway connecting house and pool area.


While the crews working outdoors this week get to enjoy the warm, beautiful weather, indoors the drywall team has been hard at work the last couple of weeks.



As anyone who has ever attempted it knows well, drywall installation is a dusty, labor-intensive task. The drywall crew has been working diligently since last week placing the new drywall at an amazing pace. The Woodka homes newly redesigned interior spaces call for lots of new wall space, all of which needs to be drywalled after framing. Week 13 will see the drywalling project near its completion; all new drywall has been put in place, and the finishing stages begin with the four-part mudding process. This is done to cover and seal over all seams, cracks, nail holes, and any other areas that may interfere with the smooth appearance of the finished wall.

The drywalling project is important to get finished quickly; almost all other interior renovation has to wait until the drywall is installed. The crew has been working very hard to get the job done on schedule, and they're doing an incredibly high-quality job.

Offsite Work

While work continues uninterrupted at the Woodka location, there's also work starting to be completed offsite. Week 13 sees the beginning of the manufacture of beautiful new soapstone sinks for the homes' bathrooms.

Soapstone is an incredibly durable, completely natural material that has been used for over a hundred years.Soapstone is impervious to chemicals, acids, and water. It's an ideal choice for a 'green' sink, and the custom-built soapstone sinks will add incredible beauty to the Woodka home.


Week Thirteen Wrap-Up

As the construction crews continue to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather, progress is being made every day. While there have been no dramatic transformations this week at the Woodka house, important work is being completed that will allow the renovation to take great leaps forward in the coming weeks. See what's taking place in week fourteen by clicking HERE.

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