The Woodka Remodel: Week Seven

The Woodka Renovation project is deep into new construction in week seven. Many projects are continuing this week, with new attention focused on an important piece of the new homes' redesign.

As we mentioned in last weeks' article, the home is getting all-new ductwork to circulate treated air throughout. The old ducting was installed in such a way that it leaked a great deal of the treated air, and the energy and money used to treat it, into the wall and ceiling cavities. Unsealed gaps and even ducts that dead-ended against exterior walls contributed to a great deal of the homes' overall energy loss. The new ducting fixes all of these problems; all gaps and seams will be completely sealed, and the entire run of ductwork will be enclosed and will remain within the insulation envelope of the home. Just the simple work done to create an air-tight ducting system should significantly reduce the new homes' energy use.

Elsewhere in the house, the new expansion at the rear that will enlarge the kitchen and living room areas is completely enclosed this week. The pre-cut PorterSIPs have been fit together like pieces of a puzzle to create super-strong, super-efficient walls. All gaps at the edges of the SIPs will be taped and sealed to complete the process. The new roofing over the expanded area will be completed this week and be prepared for the installation of new insulation and shingling that will occur in future weeks.

Now that the walls are done in the rear, the build team begins cutting out the holes for the new energy-efficient windows that will be arriving soon. One of the features of the newly expanded area takes shape this week as the opening is cut for the large new kitchen windows. Once installed, these new windows will create a much more panoramic view of the backyard and lake than the very small previous windows. The larger windows will also allow much more natural daylight into the kitchen area, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. The hope is that the new windows make the larger kitchen an inviting area in which to gather.

Tower Construction Begins

The big news in week seven is the construction of the new tower in the front of the house. This new tower will completely transform the appearance of the house, and open up the interior of the home.

As the old wall and roofing materials are removed to make room for new construction, the build team is given another look at the problems with the old insulation; large gaps and settling over the years have created spaces for air and moisture to infiltrate the homes' envelope. Again, evidence of mold from moisture infiltration is found in insulation in the walls and ceiling.

The new front tower is yet another example of how the use of the PorterSIPs will help the new home become a super-efficient and highly durable structure. The walls of the tower will be made completely of SIPs, making what could be a very inefficient and drafty tower a beacon of air-tight efficiency.

Since all of the PorterSIPs arrived at the construction site pre-cut and ready to install, the erection of the tower happens relatively quickly. Once they're all up, fit together and sealed, the team works to cut the window holes and then add on the towers' roof.

It's amazing how much this new tower has changed the look and feel of the home. Almost overnight, the look of the old Woodka home disappears forever, and the natural daylight pouring into the interior makes it very clear that, inside and out, the new Woodka is going to be something brand new.

Week Seven Wrap-Up

The work on getting the expansion areas in the front and back of the house continued non-stop this week, as the build team works to get the new structure enclosed before the air starts to turn colder. The work continues in Week Eight.

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