The Woodka Remodel: Week Fourteen

The fourteenth week of work on the Woodka home green renovation is a steady, "run-of-the-mill" workweek. Projects begun in previous weeks are continuing this week, with no big new projects starting this week. There's no such thing as a "quiet" week during this intense renovation, but week 14 comes fairly close.

Interior Work

With the majority of the roofing work now completed, and the rest of the exterior work (especially the new siding) yet to begin, the majority of week 14's work is taking place indoors. The extensive drywalling necessary to create the home's new layout was completed last week, which means this week's focus is on putting the finishing touches on the new walls before painting begins.

The mudding process is finished this week, as is the drywall taping. These are done to cover seams and nail holes in order to give the new walls the smoothness necessary before painting.

All of this drywall finishing has created a bit of an indoor dust storm, as anyone familiar with the process will understand. To help mitigate the extreme dust buildup, the team has set up a temporary fan system to vent the dusty air outside. In large jobs such as the Woodka renovation, this is often done to make the working conditions more tolerable. The drywall installation, as well as the subsequent painting, also requires the home's interior to be heated. Because the new geothermal system isn't operable yet, the old furnace will also be providing warm, dry air to the home. This will speed up the drying process for the drywall mudding and painting, as well as take the damp Michigan chill out of the air.

In our case, and as a testament to the entire team's desire to reuse and recycle as much as possible during the entire renovation process, the old furnace has been temporarily repurposed to provide the much-needed heat and ventilation. Once it's completed its last bit of work in the Woodka house, it will be removed and recycled.

Another not-so-secret tool being used to help keep the dust under control is the ever-present shop vac. It's getting quite a workout in week 14!


As the drywalling process and associated finishing is completed, the painters move in as well this week to begin their job.

Like most of the other major renovation projects in the Woodka, the painting will take more than a week, but when finished will bring the new interior design to life.

In week 14, the paint team begins the process of applying coats of primer paint to the newly finished walls and ceilings.

In keeping with the home's environmentally-friendly redesign, all primers and paints will be low- or no-VOC products to preserve and protect the indoor air quality now and into the future. To learn more about how VOC's contribute to unhealthy indoor air, click HERE.

Once this is done, the walls will be ready for painting, and the interior renovation will continue with floors, fixtures, window coverings, and everything else that will make the 'New' Woodka the beautiful, environmentally-sustainable home its owners have dreamt of for so long.


It's a slow week for exterior work, but it isn't being completely ignored in week 14. The owners requested an outdoor shed structure be built into the side of the home; not in the original redesign, it will be used for storing outdoor tools and yard equipment. That construction was completed last week. This week, the build team is applying a waterproof membrane and surface and shingles to the shed's roof. The membraneand shingles will provide superior protection for the roof's surface.

Week Fourteen Wrap-Up

Even with all of the work being completed in week 14, the week feels a bit like a lull in the storm This is a clear indication of just how much work this renovation is requiring; much of it already done, and much, much more yet to be done. See what's happening in Week Fifteen by clicking HERE.

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