The Woodka Remodel Week Four

Week four of work on the Wooda begins; almost a month into the renovation and activity continues to pick up the pace. The homes' old structure and appearance is really starting to fade away into memory at this point as it becomes a blank canvas for the builders to transform into a new dream home for the owners.

Inside the house, the crew has removed a 2nd floor balcony has been removed to open up the living room space below. This living room had a sunken floor which is being leveled off to make the space easier to navigate and to create a continual flow throughout the first level. These changes will drastically alter the feel of the front portion of the home. The builder is using some of the old fiberglass batt insulation (but only that which didn't have mold growth) to fill in the old sunken floor. This will help with soundproofing and provide a solid foundation for the new floor.

Towards the back of the first level, work begins on expanding the kitchen area outward. A big change to the kitchen will be the addition of much larger windows to allow people in the kitchen (the entire first level, really) a much better view of the backyard and the beautiful lake. The previous windows at the back of the house were quite small and blocked a good portion of the view; the owners felt that the lake view was worth improving. The new windows, though much larger, will be high-quality and very energy-efficient, helping to improve the overall efficiency of the 'new' home.

Work is picking up outside, as well. The concrete company has arrived to pump concrete into the new foundation on the lake side of the home, as well as footings for the tower in front that will so drastically change the appearance of the home.

Structural Insulated Panels

Perhaps the most exciting news in week four is the arrival of the Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs, from the manufacturer, PorterCorp of Holland, Michigan. The new Woodka home is going to be an incredibly energy-efficient and airtight structure, and the SIPs are going to play a very large role. Computer-designed and precision manufactured at the Porter facility in Holland, the SIPs arrive by truck, ready to be installed.

The Woodka team chose PorterSIPs for a number of reasons. Building with SIPs use as little as half the energy of conventional, stick-built construction, achieving R-values of up to R-49. Since they are pre-cut at the manufacturing facility, they can be erected in about half the time of conventional framing. The SIPs replace the stud framing and traditional insulation of a conventional wall with an all-in-one product; this leads to less interior noise, much fewer drafts and other air infiltration, and consistent temperatures in the home due to the continuous foam core inside the SIP that eliminates gaps and leaks associated with traditional insulation products. You can learn more about PorterSIPs by clicking HERE.

The incredible high-efficiency SIPs will allow the home to be heated and cooled with a smaller HVAC system that works less. This will help the owners achieve their goal of a home with a very small environmental footprint.

The decision to use SIPs instead of more traditional insulating products has already proven to be a good one. As the old walls were removed before construction, much of the old fiberglass batt insulation was found to have mold growth, which can pose a serious health risk to inhabitants. The old insulation had also settled quite a bit, with many gaps in the wall where there was no insulation coverage at all. The SIPs will eliminate these potential problems, providing a continuous, solid wall structure that will last for the life of the home with no degradation in performance.

Week Four Wrap-Up

The evolution of the Woodka home from an aging, inefficient home into a showcase for efficiency and sustainability is well underway. The pouring of concrete and the arrival of the SIPs have energized the entire Woodka team and the reality of this project is starting to set in.

Week Five will see the beginning of the SIP installation and more Click HERE to read on….

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