The Woodka Remodel: Week Five

We're now over a month into the physical work of the Woodka Renovation Project, and things continue to progress as scheduled.

First on the agenda this week is to complete the new foundations for the homes' expansion on both the front and the back of the home. As we mentioned in earlier articles, a main goal of this extensive renovation is to increase the size of the home in order to accommodate year-round living and provide more space for extended family visits. The goal is to make the physical size of the home larger while simultaneously reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the home.

The concrete and building teams are working hard outside this week, taking advantage of the beautiful late-summer Michigan weather to get the foundations ready to go. The foundations are carefully formed and erected, then filled with the concrete that will support the new walls. Things are going smoothly at this point, and there are no issues with the installation of the foundations.

While the foundation work is happening, the flatwork needed for the footers that will support the new deck structure is readied.

Since the wall structure supporting the old upper floors has to be completely removed for the expansion, the construction team erects a temporary wall framing to hold things in place until the new walls are in place. Again, everything is going as planned, and the temporary wall is soon supporting the upper levels without any issues.

SIP Installation Begins

Week Four saw the delivery of the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) from Porter in nearby Holland, Michigan. These SIPs will play a huge role in making the 'new' Woodka home extremely energy-efficient. To read more about the benefits of PorterSIPs, click HERE.

The teamwill begin installing the PorterSIPs this week, beginning with the new walls on the lakeside ground-level expansion. The team is excited to see the new high-efficiency building materials starting to be put in place; the sustainable, state-of-the-art Woodka home is officially starting to become a reality! The installation of the PorterSIPs will continue in the following weeks as other areas of the home become ready for them.

Week Five Wrap-Up

Week Five turned out to be a week of steady work as the homes' footprint expansion gets underway. This work will continue into next week, as the PorterSIP installation continues and work begins on installing new and improved ductwork inside. Follow us along to Week Six by clicking HERE.

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