The Woodka Remodel: Week Fifteen

As Week Fifteen begins, there is a sense that this project is turning the corner, and that there may be a tiny little light at the end of the tunnel. But there is still a lot of work remaining to be done before the Woodka house is ready for its big green makeover reveal.

Interior Work Continuing

Last week saw the completion of the drywalling process, as well as the beginning of the painting process. With so much renovation happening, the painting project is a large one, and will encompass several weeks to complete.

The paint crew is this week applying a coat of tinted primer to all interior walls and ceilings. Doing this work now will make applying the actual paint in coming weeks go smoothly and make everything look beautiful.

Bamboo Flooring

The homeowners knew two things about their 'new' home's flooring: they knew they wanted hardwood floors, and they knew they wanted the material for those floors to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. As a result, they have chosen bamboo flooring, which is rapidly becoming a superstar in the field of sustainable flooring.

Bamboo is becoming very popular as a flooring material, for a number of good reasons. Its use as the main flooring material in the Woodka Remodel project will contribute to the home's overall small environmental footprint.

Bamboo first and foremost is a beautiful flooring product; if it weren't it wouldn't be gaining in popularity nearly as fast as it is. Its natural, earthy appearance is very similar to other more traditional wood flooring materials.

Bamboo flooring is also extremely durable, another important factor for any flooring material. Hardwood floors take a lot of abuse, and bamboo is up to the task; it's as strong as other wood flooring, with some types of bamboo achieven hardness ratings superior to that of maple, and nearly double the hardness of red oak. It's tough stuff. It's also completely resistant to liquid spills.

Caring for bamboo is effortless as well. Regular sweeping or vacuuming is all that is necessary. Due to its liquid resistance, wet mopping can be done without worrying about damaging the flooring.

Bamboo's main selling point, at least to green homeowners, is its sustainability factor. Bamboo is a rapidly renewing natural resource. Bamboo is a very fast-growing grass plant; unlike wood from trees which need to be constantly replanted in order to prevent severe deforestation problems, bamboo plants can be cut over and over without having to replant. If we had to replant our grass lawns after every mowing, the lawn would quickly disappear. Bamboo is the same as our much smaller grass plants; it regenerates from its root system, and it regenerates very quickly. Certain bamboo species can grow up to a foot a day.

All of these factors make bamboo a natural choice for green homes, and the Woodka Home in particular. Learn more about bamboo flooring HERE.

The installers who will be laying the new bamboo flooring arrive in week fifteen to get started; they will be laying bamboo flooring in the new kitchen and dining room areas.

Bamboo flooring can normally be installed nailed or stapled down, or applied with glue. The original intent was to use the nail/staple down method in the Woodka to reduce the use of glues, but due to the extreme hard density of the Woodka's flooring necessitated a change over to glue.

The installers' experience with this particular type of hard density bamboo has shown them that a glue down method will greatly reduce the amount of waste generated by the project, which is an overall goal of the Woodka green makeover. A nail/staple down method with this flooring also affects its finished appearance.

Custom Cupboard Installation Begins

In addition to the beginning of the bamboo flooring installation, work is also beginning this week on installing the new custom kitchen cupboards and countertops. In the kitchen, the cabinet bases along the perimeter and new island are being installed, and the perimeter countertop is being digitally templated ahead of the installation of a new Cambria quartz countertop in coming weeks.

Work Downstairs

Moving downstairs, a new fire retardant coating is being applied to the 2 inch spray foam insulation that was recently added to the basement's concrete foundational walls. This will add a level of safety to the extremely-efficient insulation that will be working to keep the basement comfortable year-round.

Lots of work has been done in the past months to prepare for the installation of the home's new geothermal furnace, which is finally being put in place this week. The geothermal system is the centerpiece of the home's energy-efficient and sustainable profile. Using the energy of the earth itself, this system will help to heat and cool the home with absolutely no carbon emissions or any other type of pollution. The geothermal system will also help heat the home's water. A 50 gallon hot water tank is also being installed this week; it will be plumbed to the furnace and will supply 140 degree water using geothermal energy.

Week Fifteen Round-Up

The primer on the walls and ceiling, and the beginning of bamboo flooring installation in the kitchen is really changing the look of the Woodka home. And with the installation of the super-efficient geothermal heating and cooling system, the home will soon be nice and cozy, with very little environmental impact. Follow the process into week sixteen.... HERE.

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