The Woodka Remodel

Woodka Remodel Project
The Woodka: Before Renovation

The importance of green renovation in existing homes cannot be overstated; older homes were built during a time when energy-efficiency standards were much lower or nonexistent. As a result, most structures older than a decade are much less efficient than newer homes. Making improvements to these older homes can have a drastic effect on their energy usage.

Our parent company, Gen1 Architectural Group was presented with an opportunity to do a complete remodel and renovation of a home built in the 1970s. It's a beautiful home situated on one of West Michigan's premier lakes, but it was in need of some major updating. We're calling it the Woodka.

The owners of the Woodka home were very proactive in wanting the entire project to be done in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, taking advantage of the latest energy-efficient products and materials. They invited Green Home Source to document the renovation project from start to finish.

By following the entire process, from initial planning to the final coat of paint, we will have a complete record of how taking a home, built to the much-lower efficiency standards of the 1970s, and updating it in its entirety to meet the super-efficiency criteria of Green Home Source's very own ETHOS standard improves its energy performance.

Along the way, we will look at the homes' original building techniques and materials, and how well (or poorly) they performed from an energy-usage standpoint. We will also examine how these materials have degraded over the decades, and how that degradation has affected the homes' efficiency and indoor air quality.

We will follow the construction crew each week as they remove old siding, insulation, windows, and other materials in preparation for the renovation, and how they deal with this waste in a more sustainable manner.

As the Woodka project continues, we will examine the products and materials chosen for the renovation, and why they were selected over others. Insulation, siding, water and light fixtures, appliances, and more….. every item on the list has an effect on the homes' overall efficiency.

Finally, once the renovation is complete and the owners are ready to move back in, another energy audit will be done to see just how much improvement has been made to the homes' efficiency. We will also look at before-and-after energy bills to document the decrease in energy and water usage.

The Woodka remodel is a perfect opportunity to showcase an entire green home remodel. With the gracious permission of the homeowners, who share our desire to minimize the environmental footprints of our living spaces, we hope to give other homeowners ideas and inspiration to make their own green home dreams come true.

While most of us will never have an opportunity to do a complete home makeover like the Dinka home, every green renovation project, however small, does its part to make our world a cleaner, healthier place to live.

Click on each individual week to find out what's going on at the Woodka Renovation!

Week 0: The Woodka Before Renovation

Week 0.5: Planning

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